ABOUT txtify™

For over 6 years, txtify™ technologies has been relentlessly researching and developing new speed enhancements to ensure our pursuit of the World’s fastest mobile data capture and connection machine stays in the lead. 

We call these FastMicrosites™ or mini-websites made for mobile, that carry out any data capture and opted-in connection mission. These are 100% built and launched from any phone and a World’s first.Now with Generative Open AI integrated into our FastMicrosites, user are now sent a  smart Email response, summarizing their data inputs.

Infinitely creative and intuitively natural our finger driven FastMicrosites™ are engineered to require no typing for users to traverse. With completion times and corresponding conversion rates next level; we enjoy seeing our clients reach new revenue and profit goals quickly.

Founded in 2017 by John Stewart and Eric Dewhirst, two experienced and successful internet entrepreneurs who have been working together since 1999. Located in Ottawa, Canada, txtify offers a cutting-edge platform that enables customers to capture more engaged consumers, increase sales conversion rates, and optimize customer interactions.

txtify™ technologies is committed to providing our clients with a platform that is easy to use, reliable, and secure. The company has invested heavily in security measures to ensure that customer data is always safe and secure. The company also offers comprehensive customer support services, including training, troubleshooting, and technical support.