ABOUT txtify™

For over a decade, txtify® technologies has been focused entirely on researching and developing the world’s fastest and easiest to use data capture and connection platform. These innovations are embodied within every FastMicrosite™ giving users the very best user engagement and lead generation experience available.

Now, with Generative AI thoughtfully integrated a FastMicrosite™ can be created in about a minute by typing a word(s), pasting a URL or even just adding an emoji. The resulting microsite always contains the most relevant questions and beautiful visuals guaranteeing engagement. Real-time alerts and confirmations are also sent to both parties ensuring a warm introduction.

This effort has been accelerated significantly by having some of the World’s best brands as users; providing invaluable real world experience in front of millions, to guide and prove our platform’s prowess.

Leapfrogging ahead even further, we introduced FastMicrosites™ which are mobile optimized miniaturized websites. Designed for next level data capture and connection, they’re also easily and quickly created and launched from any device in minutes, a World's first.

Now, with Generative AI integrated, FastMicrosite™ users now receive smart responses that summarize their data inputs in real-time.

Our FastMicrosites™ are creatively intuitive, using finger-driven navigation that eliminates the need for typing. This results in faster completion times and higher conversion rates, helping our clients achieve new revenue and profit goals rapidly.

txtify™ technologies prioritizes a user-friendly, reliable, and secure platform. Extensive security investments guarantee customer data safety. We provide robust customer support, including training, troubleshooting, and technical assistance.

Established in 2017 by internet entrepreneurs John Stewart and Eric Dewhirst, who’ve innovated together for over 20-years, txtify™ is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.