Why would I use Prospecting-as-a-Service™ [PaaS®] if I already advertise?

A: PaaS gives you an immediate 2nd channel on any mobile search engine results page [SERP].Essentially with PaaS you’re doubling your impressions, clicks and revenue potential.

How does PaaS drive more qualified leads and/or higher conversion rates?

A: Our mobile fast funnels are laser focused to extract first party data with minimal effort. We do the reverse of every website, first we ask the prospect some gentle button-click Q&As, before we ask for credentials - making the whole user experience helpful, trusting and satisfying.

Why is now the perfect timing for PaaS?

A: In 2018 the majority of web traffic shifted to mobile, but most websites today aren’t mobile friendly nor do they leverage the speed and convenience of the “always on” consumer.

What’s a typical reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA) using PaaS?

A: At least a 57% reduction in CPA within a month, because of our mobile first, fast funnel which is custom built for easy lead capture.

What about ROAS... is it always better with PaaS?

A: Yes. We will out-perform your current paid traffic Return-On-Ad-Spend [ROAS] to your current website guaranteed or your money back.

Are Prospects fully opted-in?

A: Yes, we require that all prospects must allow permission for you to contact them on every connection, every time.

Do Prospects opt-in for future permission based nurturing?

A: On average, we see at least 34% of opt-in rate allowing you to have a long-term re-marketing and nurturing relationship.

Why are overall conversion rates so much better with PaaS?

A: Knowing what your prospect specifically needs prior to reaching out is very powerful. Because you know what they want in advance, before you connect a warm conversation is always started, that builds trust in the first few seconds.

Why are response rates so much better with PaaS?

A: They are on their phone, they took the time to answer the questions and are looking for your product or service right now.

Can this work for voice call-based Prospecting?

A: Yes.

Will PaaS outperform typical CTRs we get on our current website SEM Ads?

A: Yes, Ad click-thru-rates [CTR] % rates are typically much higher because we use an eye-catching vanity URL that simply gets more clicks on mobile.

Who owns the prospects PaaS collects?

A: You do. They are your prospects and you own 100% all the prospecting data that comes in using our PaaS.

Can I run more than one PaaS Campaign?

A: Yes, you can.

Can PaaS be used for multi-lingual opportunities?

A: Yes.

Is PaaS a good way to A/B test?

A: Yes. We think it’s the best way to get immediate data and analytics from a/b testing on a variety of funnel designs, with a turn-around time and cost that’s unbeatable.

Can PaaS be used for Contests or Promotions?

A: Yes. It’s a great use for building next level engagement, like this:https://txtify.io/case-studies.html

What’s a recommended minimum time period to try PaaS?

A: 3-Months. We need time to seed your keywords into Google™ Ads®, then monitor best performing keywords and then we tune-up the keywords that are converting the best.

How can I get a LIVE Demo of PaaS?

A: We’d love to show you more anytime, please simply go here and book us:https://calendly.com/txtify

Why would I use this?

A: We build the World's fastest mobile funnels that intercept intent and transmit an alert to sales teams instantly. 100% outsourced.

Does this give me an edge?

A: The shift to mobile is enormous, as it's now officially eclipsed desktop in how people search the web for goods and services. Our Prospecting-as-a-Service® [PaaS] is ideally suited to fast-growth companies looking to gain an edge and incremental increases in their new customer acquisition.

Is this customizable?

Yes: We provide a dedicated branded prospecting channel fixated on mobile prospecting for niche high-growth clients looking for an edge.

How much does it cost?

A: Pricing PRO $1,000 per month - Designed for clients targeting local or regional geographies, like a city.
Pricing ELITE $5,000 per month - Designed for clients targeting an entire national market, like the United States.

Is this much faster than my current website at signups?

A: 4 to 5x faster than traditional websites to complete

Will I get them on their phone via text or voice?

A: Both most of the time because PaaS is only mobile based.

How much better is this for ROAS?

A: 400-500% Increase in Return-on-Ad-Spend within a month compared to historical website SEM traffic - faster, easier wins every time.

Will I close more business?

A: It all boils down to closing x3 more per dollar spent not to mention 35% of the time people double opt-in for future nurturing permission

Are there any handy links to learn more?


See how it works:https://52b6.short.gy/txtifypass
FAQs:  https://txtify.io/faqs.html
Case Studies: https://txtify.io/case-studies.html