Q: How much time does it take to launch my FastMicrosite™?

Fast, it takes about a minute for our powerful Wizard to create a unique FastMicrosite.

Q: What are the inputs I need to provide to create a FastMicrosite™?

All that’s required is either your website URL, a word, a description, business address, business name, even an emoji works 😊

Q: If I love one of my FastMicrosite™ designs, can I save it and use it again?

Yes, simply add it to your favorites and make it live anytime you like. There no limits to the number of favorites you can have.

Q: Do FastMicrosites™ use Generative AI?

Yes, we integrate Gen AI into areas that make workflows super-efficient, smart and engaging like our Wizard. However using our AI features is always optional.

Q: Does a FastMicrosites™ come with QR-Code?

Yes, every site comes with its’ own unique QR-Code and it can be downloaded in seconds for any printing needs.

Q: How can I get started building my FastMicrosite™?

We recommend watching our quick start video here

Or, our comprehensive FastMicrosite™ step-by-step video here

Q: What exactly is a FastMicrosite™?

Secure website designed for easy navigation on mobile devices to provide desired answers through sequentially designed responsive pages. Every user connection is accompanied by a formal opt-in, granting permission to extend the relationship beyond the initial touch-point for our clients.

Q: What does it do?

Launched on any phone or desktop, a FastMicrosite™ is a high-speed mobile funnel optimized for 5X faster first-party data collection than traditional websites, using finger-driven navigation.

Q: If I already advertise - Why would I use this?

FastMicrosite™ immediately adds a 2nd channel on mobile SERPs, doubling impressions, clicks, and revenue. Simple click CNAME feature for direct domain integration, e.g., myfastmicrosite.mydomain.com.

Q: How do I build a FastMicrosite™?

Build and launch directly from your phone. Quickstart Templates® ensure you're live in seconds to share with the world.

Q: Why does a FastMicrosite™ outperform traditional web sites by so much?

Once launched, the only task left is to navigate through its laser-focused and ultra-fast user experience.

Q: How come the data accuracy and credentials captured are so high?

Button-click answers are error-free, and we use Autofill Phone Credentials Data by default, requiring only one click to populate personal info form-fields, with no typing needed.

Q: Why do the Quickstart templates keep getting better and better?

We continuously evaluate thousands of funnel designs and leverage this data to provide the most efficient user experiences at the appropriate time. This enables us to identify the best-performing landers and optimize them for maximum impact.

Q: Why do FastMicrosites™ have so much higher opt-in rates?

Providing a superior, intuitive, and faster consumer experience fosters trust, and starting with questions is crucial in achieving exceptionally high opt-in rates.

Q: Why would I do if I already have a website?

In 2018, mobile web traffic surpassed desktop, yet many websites remain non-mobile-friendly and fail to utilize the speed and convenience expected by the always-connected consumer.

Q: What’s a typical reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA)?

A: At least a 57% reduction in CPA within a month.

Q: What about ROAS... is it always better with PaaS?

Yes. We will out-perform your current paid traffic Return on Ad Spend [ROAS].

Q: Are Connections fully opted-in?

All users must grant permission for contact on every connection, every time. T&Cs approval (first checkbox) and optional approval for future communication (second checkbox) are required for FastMicrosites™.

Q: What are your opt-in rates for future permission based nurturing [second checkbox]?

Our data shows at least 35% of opt-ins invite a long-term remarketing and nurturing relationship, on average.

Q: How creative can my FastMicrosite™ be?

Our framework and tools enable infinite creativity. For complete customization, users can implement their own CSS on any FastMicrosite™.

Q: Does this work for online AND offline connecting?

Every FastMicrosite™ features a secure online URL link and a QR code that can be placed anywhere in the physical world.

Q: Can this work for my ecommerce business?

Growing your opted-in member base is vital for your e-commerce store's growth. With FastMicrosites™, you can share your link on social media, email or SMS messages, and place QR codes on shipped products to maintain a growth-centric approach.

Q: What about Customer Surveys?

FastMicrosites™ are particularly effective for quick pulse checks from customers, especially for e-commerce stores seeking satisfaction feedback when customers receive their shipped items. A QR code is especially useful in this scenario, with prompts such as "How'd we do?" providing an easy way to solicit feedback.

Q: Who owns the connection and the first party data?

You own 100% of the data collected from your connections on FastMicrosites™.

Q: Can I run more than one FastMicrosite™?

Yes, you can. PILOT gives you one, PRO gets you 5 and ELITE is infinite where we chat about your needs. Please visit our pricing to learn more.

Q: Can PaaS be used for multi-lingual opportunities?


Q: Are FastMicrosites™ a good way to A/B test?

We believe that A/B testing on a range of funnel designs with FastMicrosites™ is the most effective way to quickly obtain data and analytics. Unbeatable turnaround time and cost make it the ideal solution for your most demanding testing.

Q: Can these be used for Contests or Promotions?

FastMicrosites™ are an excellent tool for building next-level promotional engagement and generating high-volume contest entries.

Q: Can these be integrated with my CRM?

Yes. We provide all the integration tools via Zapier® webhooks and Google GTMs.

Q: How can I get a LIVE Demo of FastMicrosites™ in action?

We’d love to show you more anytime, please simply go here and book us: https://calendly.com/txtify

Q: Why would I use this?

Our mobile funnels are the fastest in the world, intercepting intent and alerting sales teams instantly. Our service is 100% self-serve to change on the fly.

Q: Does this give me an edge?

With mobile usage surpassing desktop for web searches, FastMicrosites™ are ideal for companies looking to gain a competitive edge and increase new customer acquisition.

Q: Is this customizable?

Yes, you have full control over your FastMicrosite and can make changes to it anytime using your phone or desktop.

Q: Is this much faster than my current website at signups?

FastMicrosites™ are designed to be 4 to 5 times faster than traditional websites, resulting in average completion times of mid-20 seconds.

Q: Will I close more business?

Convert more sales with a FastMicrosite™ and close x3 more per dollar spent, while 35% of opt-ins invite long-term nurturing.