Q: What exactly is Prospecting as a Service?

Prospecting as a Service® (PaaS™) is a revolutionary service that leverages Google Ads to identify new potential customers. Exclusively targeted at mobile, PaaS™ requires no typing by the prospect.

Q: How much does it cost?

Pricing PRO $1,000 per month - Designed for clients targeting local or regional geographies, like a city. Pricing ELITE $5,000 per month - Designed for clients targeting an entire national market, like the United States.

Q: If I already advertise - Why would I use Prospecting-as-a-Service™ [PaaS®]

PaaS gives you an immediate 2nd channel on any mobile search engine results page [SERP]. Essentially doubling your impressions, clicks and revenue potential.

Q: How is PaaS™ different from me just running Ads?

PaaS uses data-driven insights and advanced AI algorithms to deliver personalized marketing to the right audience, saving time and resources while improving ROI and performance.

Q: Why does Prospecting-as-a-Service® outperform traditional web sites by so much?

Our innovative Q&A approach improves consumer trust and increases completion rates by double digits, resulting in significant ad-spend savings. Abandonment rates also significantly decrease.

Q: How come the prospect's data accuracy is so high?

We pull-up the consumer's "AutoFill Credentials Data" on their phone and pop this into our form-fields to populate instantly, with one click [no-typing, and accuracy rock-solid].

Q: Why does PaaS® keep getting better and better?

We regularly assess the performance of thousands of funnel designs and use that data to deliver the most effective user experiences at the right time. This helps us identify the top performing landers and optimize them for maximum impact.

Q: How does PaaS drive more qualified leads and/or higher conversion rates?

Our mobile fast funnels gather data efficiently through user-friendly Q&As, leading to higher conversion rates and a positive customer experience.

Q: Why is now the perfect timing for PaaS?

In 2018 the majority of web traffic shifted to mobile, but most websites today aren’t mobile friendly nor do they leverage the speed and convenience of the “always on” consumer.

Q: What’s a typical reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA) using PaaS?

A: At least a 57% reduction in CPA within a month, because of our mobile first, fast funnel which is custom built for easy lead capture.

Q: What about ROAS... is it always better with PaaS?

Yes. We will out-perform your current paid traffic Return-On-Ad-Spend [ROAS] to your current website guaranteed or your money back.

Q: Are Prospects fully opted-in?

Yes, we require that all prospects must allow permission for you to contact them on every connection, every time.

Q: Do Prospects opt-in for future permission based nurturing?

On average, we see at least 34% of opt-in rate allowing you to have a long-term re-marketing and nurturing relationship.

Q: Why are overall conversion rates so much better with PaaS?

Starting a conversation with a prospect with a clear understanding of their needs creates trust and leads to more successful interactions.

Q: Why are response rates so much better with PaaS?

They are on their phone, they took the time to answer the questions and are looking for your product or service right now.

Q: Can this work for voice call-based Prospecting?


Q: Will PaaS outperform typical CTRs we get on our current website SEM Ads?

Yes, Ad click-thru-rates [CTR] % rates are typically much higher because we use an eye-catching vanity URL that simply gets more clicks on mobile.

Q: Who owns the prospects PaaS collects?

You do. They are your prospects and you own 100% all the prospecting data that comes in using our PaaS.

Q: Can I run more than one PaaS Campaign?

Yes, you can.

Q: Can PaaS be used for multi-lingual opportunities?


Q: Is PaaS a good way to A/B test?

Yes. We think it’s the best way to get immediate data and analytics from a/b testing on a variety of funnel designs, with a turn-around time and cost that’s unbeatable.

Q: Can PaaS be used for Contests or Promotions?

Yes. It’s a great use for building next level engagement, like this:https://txtify.io/case-studies.html

Q: What’s a recommended minimum time period to try PaaS?

3-Months. We need time to seed your keywords into Google™ Ads®, then monitor best performing keywords and then we tune-up the keywords that are converting the best.

Q: How can I get a LIVE Demo of PaaS?

We’d love to show you more anytime, please simply go here and book us:https://calendly.com/txtify

Q: Why would I use this?

We build the World's fastest mobile funnels that intercept intent and transmit an alert to sales teams instantly. 100% outsourced.

Q: Does this give me an edge?

Yes! Mobile use has surpassed desktop for web searches, making PaaS® ideal for companies looking to increase new customer acquisition and gain a competitive edge.

Q: Is this customizable?

Yes: We provide a dedicated branded prospecting channel fixated on mobile prospecting for niche high-growth clients looking for an edge.

Q: Is this much faster than my current website at signups?

4 to 5x faster than traditional websites to complete

Q: Will I get them on their phone via text or voice?

Both most of the time because PaaS is only mobile based.

Q: How much better is this for ROAS?

400-500% Increase in Return-on-Ad-Spend within a month compared to historical website SEM traffic - faster, easier wins every time.

Q: Will I close more business?

It all boils down to closing x3 more per dollar spent not to mention 35% of the time people double opt-in for future nurturing permission