TXTIFY let’s anyone collect the data they want from anyone, anywhere at any time. Using our proven hyper-mobile campaign designs we help you “ask smarter” to get faster and more "answers" than ever before. 

We provide the best performing designs in your industry to get you up and collecting data and opted-in mobile#s and emails in literally minutes with your own branded campaign.

Once ready you simply share the campaign link - which comes as a secure Mobile-optimized URL - anywhere you want; like within an Email blast, SMS marketing campaign or Social Media post. We also provide a gorgeous eye-catching QR Code so you can get even more data from anyone scanning this with their phone.

TXTIFY also ensures that your data is flowing seamlessly in real-time to whichever repository you like. See our integrations here

TXTIFY also offers a 100% FREEMIUM service for anyone to try - signup now: https://txtify.io/pricing/

With TXTIFY™ you own the data, all of it. Over 8 Billion phones in the World can use TXTIFY™ and we outperform everything else when it comes to fast and easy data capture. Mobile use is exploding and the truth is you’ve probably reached the outer limits of what your current website forms, email templates and social media posts will ever achieve.

TXTIFY™ opens a brand new door to the consumer because of our innovative access, mobile speed and the “in-their-hand” intimacy necessary to ratchet up engagement by a quantum leap. As witnessed by the infinitely growing universe of granular data-points we capture everyday for our clients; if you ask smarter you will receive way more data.

YES. We work seamlessly with over 3,000 other platforms including all the leading CRMs [Salesforce] and Texting Consoles [EZ Texting] or SMS Marketing Services [Attentive].

No Worries. We provide all our clients with a FREE PipeDrive CRM account, so you never loose a single data point right from the start!

As many as you like - there’s no limit to the number of campaigns you can have running at once.

YES. In truth you never get a second chance for a first impression.

People make a split second decision about your brand online by its' difficulty to navigate, connect with you and send you data. These are known as “abandonment rates” - if you’re not providing a solid, fast and intuitive user experience (UX) - unless you’re a monopoly - they’ll probably leave.

TXTIFY™ provides brands, especially mobile UX challenged ones, with an instant online "facelift" that’s fast, slick, easy to use and returns the data you want instantly because our abandonment rates are miniscule.

People want the fastest, easiest route possible and the Internet is a "winner-takes-all" ecosystem, where early innovators take the lion’s share. Why? Because they’re the first brand or business to make it the easiest for their consumer to connect, re-connect and purchase. 

If you’re the incumbent in your category with permission to be on a consumer’s phone there’s very little reason they will ever leave you. TXTIFY™ as our name implies – is all about making you the first connection [in your category] with a consumer via text-messaging. The ultimate prize our service delivers is the  proper permissions and opt-ins for a fast, personalized and long term relationship for purchasing and nurturing over a lifetime with a consumer.

YES. Covid-19 has accelerated it’s adoption in every industry. According to research by Juniper Research, the number of QR Code coupons scanned will reach 5.3 billion by 2022 a 900% increase in 2 years. TXTIFY puts you right into this scanning mega-trend and it's also just fun for the consumer to scan and be rewarded with a great user experience. 


Our scanning metrics show that consumers who scan are also more engaged and more likely to send you data.

Absolutely. One of the key features of the Txtify process is the ability to quickly conduct MaxDiff data collection to gather customers preferences to assist you and your team in the decision making process.

You do. 

YES. Txtify is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our customers, and their customers, rights to privacy are Txtify’s priority thus, compliance with and to international law and regulations are very important to us.

NO. All of our data capture pages run within the client mobile browser, without plugins or any additional software.

YES. Any phone manufactured within the past three years has by default the ability to scan QR codes with little or no additional applications. Phones manufactured later usually requires a QR code reader application installed. 

Use the 10:1 Ratio Rule: The ideal distance to scan is 10x the width of your QR Code. Most QR Codes will work well for TV broadcast scanning. You need to make sure primarily that the QR Code is on a background that enhances the QR Code’s information and that it's large enough to be recognized by a phone using the 10:1 Rule.

MANY. We encourage you to offer users multiple choices for them to connect with you [sending your data along at the same time]. Very popular is to offer SMS and EMail options together.