Why FastMicrosites?

Problem: Today, businesses fail to connect with most of their potential customers due to site complexity and poor usability. Lead capture rates remain stuck in single-digits.

Solution: FastMicrosites are the most efficient way to gather customer information via fast and easy interactive engagement. Lead capture rates jump to double-digits.

Problem: Business owners don't know what questions to ask their customers to naturally engage them.

Solution: FastMicrosites automatically create a perfect blend of relevant questions with beautiful visuals using thoughtfully integrated Gen AI to make connecting easy.

Role of FastMicrosites: FastMicrosites are not designed to replace a company's website, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, etc... they’re built to run in tendem to turn visitors into leads.

Tip: Put your FastMicrosite everywhere: in emails, text-messages, social pages or posts and place your QR-Code on everything you print or display to maximize connections and zero-party data.